UX Lead | AI Concept Development

As a startup GUTS was looking for someone to shape every part that has an interface. From event organisors dashboards to gain insight in ticket sales and attendance, towards complex AI driven floorplans and native mobile applications for the ticket holder and scan personl.

Duties: Envision, shape, realise

  • Determine the strategic direction direction for the entire user experience.
  • Conceiving and conducting UX Research , testing with end-users, organizers, and scanning staff (both internal and external), including field tests of various app versions, interviews, and pre- and after-sales discussions.
  • Conceiving, managing, and safeguarding the design system, including the conversion from Sketch to Figma.
  • Regular engagement with internal (sales, support, product owner, product managers) and external clients to ensure their insights and feedback are incorporated into the design solutions.
  • Roadmap sessions with Product Owner, Support team and management
  • Stakeholder management - Establishing feedback loops with all stakeholders of the GUTS Digital Ticketing system (ticketing agents, organizers, ticket holders, GET-token holders, founders) to discuss vision, insights, and strategy.
  • Conceiving, organizing, executing, and processing internal and external workshops.
  • Daily collaborations ensuring alignment between various teams and that project objectives are in sync with stakeholder expectations
  • Conducting sprint retrospectives.
  • Guiding and coaching the development team and a mid-level UXer.


  • Figma
  • FigJam
  • Axure Pro
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • ChatGPT
  • MidJourney


  • Smart Interface Design Patterns - Smashing Publishing
  • Programming Smart Contracts with Solidity - ETH Amsterdam
  • Data Science and Machine Learning with Python - SkillShare


  • Shortcut
  • Slack
  • FigJam
  • Notion


During my 2.5 years at GUTS I achieved the following:

  • Redesigned the event organisor's engagement by giving a much better insight on ticket sales, usage, venue management, event attendance and activation.
  • Created multiple overhauls of the mobile ticket wallet to provide a clear and transparent secondary market solution (re-sell of owned tickets without aiding for scalping or fraude).
  • Delivered a comprehensive tool to create and maintain complex interactive floorplans for venues such as Ziggo Dome and Rotterdam AHOY.
  • Succesfully conducted both field-, internal and external researches to gain insight on app usage.
  • Test driven multiple AI based concepts (event discovery, floorplan management and support).
  • Created engaging designs explaining GUTS' unique USPs to potential investors eventually leading to successful finalising the latest funding round of over EUR 4.3 Mio leading GUTS and GET-Protocol into the next bull-market (hopefully ;-)).