These are a few of my projects that I am particulary proud of. Please contact me if you want more information and I will be happy to explain everything about the process, the client interaction and most of all: the result!


Founded right in the middle of a worldwide banking crisis, Knab has proven to be different in every aspect. The first Dutch online retail bank that truly puts the customer first. We strived to create a superior user experience using all digital channels (web, app, chat, email) as well as a marketing platform for activation, cross and upsell.


Graphic Design

Designed from the ground up I was responsible for the graphic design of the 2nd version of the mobile app that is still live today.


Interaction Design

As Knab has no physical branches, all interaction between the bank and the customer is done online. As a result we implemented all self service processes into the banking environment and integrated a chat client to assist in the customer's everyday needs/ In addition we implemented an interactive FAQ that also services the customer service helpdesk employees.


Raiffeisen Suisse

For Raiffeisen Suisse we developed a prototype that would help end users in applying for a mortgage. The idea was that during this process the customer would be rewarded whilst going through the steps needed to eventually get the mortgage required.



As this would be an ideal marketing tool to attract new customers, the app would have to look as modern and appealing as possible.



The target audience would be the top segment of the buyers market. Hence the luxurious appearance of the art work.

Client: Raiffeisen Suisse

Mortgage Advisor

A combination of a marketing tool as well a service application


Other clients

trending_up Interaction & Graphic Design

Nationale Nederlanden - Service App

I was responsible for the complete conception and creation of the NN Service App for both visual and interaction design.

- iOS App
- Android App
trending_up Interaction & Graphic Design

De Europeesche - Public Website & Business Portal

De Europeesche Verzekeringen (Part of a.s.r.) has no direct channel but does target individual customers that have a passion for travelling. I created their B2C website as well as their B2B portal for insurance agents.

trending_up Concept & Graphic Design

Peaks - Prototype

The first iterations of the now famous Peaks concept was done me. The idea is that a customer invests with money to spare. And over time it will grow to a significant amount. The idea was derived from the Dutch 'piekenpijp', a physical tube where you put in a coin daily. Hence the name 'Peaks'.
state of art visualizations
screen samples

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